Best in class digital tools for clinical practice

We develop platforms and applications to help clinicians with their daily responsibilities and improve their clinical practice. We create digital infrastructures to ease professional relationship and communications for doctors.

Data, research and machine learning

We deliver innovative experiences to ease collection of clinical data from health care professionals systems and solutions for patients. We develop data entry solutions on the basis of further machine learning applications.

Fresh uses of healthcare digital services with Bots

We design and build bot-based services to revolutionize how healthcare professional and patients experience their digital services, in the same way they would normally interact with a friend.


Discover some of our solutions to help with your daily clinical practice. We have exclusive programs, applications and services based on our exclusive platform for doctors that will walk with you and assist in the development of your professional initiatives.

Antibiotic Practices

PROAbx Service

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  • Optimization of antibiotic practices
  • App to help with prescription
  • Personalized protocols
  • Rational prescription of antimicrobials
  • Tools and calculations

Digital Assistant for doctors

  • Advanced drug search
  • Prescribing drugs
  • nteractions, adverse effects...
  • Scientific publications
  • Amazingly accurate and fast

Neurorecordings platform

  • Publication of clinical cases
  • Digital repository of images and cases
  • Collaboration and clinical discussions
  • Challenges and quizzes
  • Medical education in neurology

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Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you. We work closely with healthcare professionals, patients, institutions, medical societies and the pharmaceutical industry. We seek incessantly the excellence in our work, we bring innovation and transparency. We believe in a better world with technology at the service of healthcare.

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